The Great Plai Chumpon Death Party

16 min. | fiction | DE 2010


Two generations, loosely linked through the death party for a cat:

F. is a musician, solitarily, without a relationship, without constant employment. His life at a turning point takes place mainly in interiors, facing lost illusions like his failed relationship.

In contrast the three teenagers Hunter, Son and Amsel are streaking through the city, still ignoring the borders the adults are trying to settle. Movement, communication and artistic practice are the tools in this fragmentary state description to reassure again and again that one is still alive.


Director: Valerie Bäuerlein

DoP: Alexander Haßkerl

Production: dffb


Cast: Eva Kessler, André Jung, Liv Lisa Fries, Dominik Bender, Denzel Ebe


shot on Kodak 16mm, ARRI SR3


Alexander Haßkerl |

Director of Photography

Die Große Plai Chumpon